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What are the requirements for ACT test? The American College Testing, ACT, is a standardized entrance examination used by universities and colleges to find out your academic achievement and knowledge back in high school. The test is a requirement for many schools, so you need to prepare for it well so that you will pass excellently. If you want to waive this part of the application, see if you qualify and write the ACT waiver if you do. For the basics of the examination, keep reading.

What Is an ACT Test?

It is one of the factors used by the screening committee when filtering candidates applying in their university program. Other factors for consideration in a program include recommendation letters, filled up and completed application form, essays and interview results.

This exam is available six times annually, but with another set added for the exam year 2018. One of the ACT test requirements is registration made at actstudent.org. You will also have to settle the fees involved before taking the test, and it is currently $39.50 for the basic tests.

These exams include Basic English, Reading, Science, and Math. For the basic test plus, the fee is $56.50. It includes the optional writing exam. The writing test is optional, but it is recommended. It is because the optional writing exam is required for some schools in the USA.

Take note of the testing date registration deadline if you’re planning to take it in a specific date. You need to pay a late registration fee once the deadline passed.

Structure and Content

If you’re looking to find out more about the examination structure, see the following:

  • English section is comprised of 75 questions, answered within 45 minutes;
  • Math section has 60 questions taken within 60 minutes;
  • Science lasts for 35 minutes with 40 questions;
  • Reading has 40 questions taken in 35 minutes;
  • Optional essay or writing test with one prompt for 30 minutes.

The ACT test is a required exam in many universities and colleges in the USA. It is one of the most important parts of the application documents to submit. For students who qualify to waive it, they submit an ACT waiver letter.

  • Students who are in the grades 11 and 12 take it so that scores will be ready when they apply to a USA college or university.
  • Duration: The total testing time is two hours and 55 minutes – without the writing portion. But with it, the exam will last three hours and 35 minutes.

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What to Remember

  • The English questions involve grammar and usage, sentence structure, punctuation, organization strategy, and style. It is composed of multiple-choice usage or mechanics as well as questions for testing rhetorical skills.
  • Math, on the other hand, includes elementary algebra, pre-algebra, coordinate geometry, intermediate algebra and more…
  • Reading tests for comprehension, and with multiple choices, involving reasoning and referring questions.
  • Science measures analysis, interpretation, reasoning, problem-solving and evaluation.
  • Writing checks on writing skills using one prompt.

Review this guide if you’re looking to apply for the ACT exam or find out what is PET waiver. Finally, you can also submit a waiver letter if you qualify for it, according to the school where you’re applying. Nevertheless, you should prepare ahead of time and take it so that you can submit your scores along with the requirements if you don’t qualify for the waiving of the results.

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