What Is the CLEP Waiver and What Makes the CLEP Test?

Before you consider applying for a waiver and submitting a CLEP waiver letter, you have to know what the CLEP exams involved and structure. The College Level Examination Program isn’t only one but it is a group of exams designed, created and facilitated by the College Board. For help on what to know about the exam and how to compose an effective CLEP exam fee waiver, keep reading the following.

What Are CLEP Exams?

These tests measure your college-level skills and knowledge in 36 subjects. The exams can provide you with a mechanism to earn college credits even without taking the courses. By submitting the requirements to take a CLEP test, you can sit down for the CLEP exams, which are composed of multiple-choice questions, although there are variants.

The CLEP waiver letter like an IELTS waiver is an important letter detailing an applicant’s intention of waiving the exam scores in his or her application to a college or university. Before you could apply for the waiver, you should check the qualifications set by the school for accepting the waiving of the scores.

What is CLEP test? To ensure that you will have the CLEP scores if they’re required, you should know the content and structure of the exam. Every exam in the CLEP is focusing on multiple-choice questions, except a few tests that offer you with essay options. There is also the fill-in the blanks questionnaire included, too. Every test is 90 minutes in duration.

American Literature

The subject will cover 100 questions, testing your ability in analyzing and interpreting the American poetry and prose starting from the colonial times to the present. It also includes an optional essay to answer.

English Composition

There are two options in this exam, one with multiple-choice questions and essay and one with all multiple-choice questions. The questions aim at measuring your ability and understanding of college writing.

Interpreting and Analyzing Literature

There are about 80 multiple-choice questions included in this CLEP exam. The test aims at measuring your knowledge of passages, such as drama, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, which questions are taken from British or American literature. There is also an optional essay, which you may answer or not.

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English Literature

It is one of the CLEP test requirements when taking the exam. It comes with 95 questions taken from Beowulf up to the present literature. You can also answer the optional essay included or not. If you want to do well in this part of the test, you should understand common themes, literary terms, and forms.

Freshman College Composition

It is a composition test that comes with 901 questions to test your writing ability, especially checking on areas such as grammar and language use. In addition, there is some prose and poetry analysis involved, as well as an optional section for an essay.


The humanities exam is composed of 140 questions, focusing on your knowledge on topics related to philosophy and arts from all periods.

Principles of Macroeconomics

It is composed of 80 questions covering economics principles applying to the total system of the economy. Some topics involved include economic performance, terms, national income, international markets and price determination.

This list of subjects does not comprise all the areas covered by the CLEP group of exams. Now if you want to waive your scores or submit ACT waiver when applying to a university or college, you may want to check out the qualifications set by the school and write the waiver letter.

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