What Is the PET Waiver Letter and Exam? Useful Guide to Follow

The Preliminary (PET) exams and tests of the Cambridge English is one of the basic requirements when applying to some schools worldwide.

If you’re looking to study in universities requiring for scores in the PET tests, keep reading. Also, learn the basics to know about the test and things to about submitting a PET waiver.

What Is PET?

What schools accept the Cambridge English results? There are some of them that will accept the certificate, and a few of them include the Fre ersität Berlin, MNG Airlines, Universidad de Chile, Metrostav and Tec de Monterrey. The B1 Preliminary is one of the qualifications for Cambridge English. The exam is a language test that measures your mastery of the basics. This test will show that you’ve learned and mastered the English basics and that you already have the everyday use of the language skills. It is presented in a logical step determining your journey to the language between the KET and the FCE.

Structure and Content

The PET is composed of three papers, which are designed and developed to test your skills of the language.


You can submit the PET waiver letter (similar as SAT waiver) if you qualify for the criteria set by the institution or school you’re applying to, but be sure to take it first and get yourself ready in case the results is a part of the requirements and you don’t qualify for the waiver. One of the basic components of the PET exam is the writing section:

  • It is composed of three parts.
  • There are a total of seven questions totaling to 50% of the marking.
  • This section measures how you can read and understand the basic points from magazines, newspapers, and signs. It also looks to check your understanding and mastery of using structure and vocabulary correctly.


This part of the exam is composed of 25 questions. It is taken within 36 minutes including the six minutes of transfer time. This section is one of the PET exam requirements that you need to answer. It contains four parts, measuring your ability of following and understanding of spoken materials, such as discussions and announcements.


This part of the exam last between 10 and 12 minutes per candidates pair. There are four parts of this test. It measures a student’s ability in asking and answering questions in English and checks your spoken English. An example of the question will be about your likes and dislikes. This portion of the exam is done face to face with at least one candidate and with two examiners, making the test more reliable and realistic.

The PET exam is done to find out if you have an intermediate English level. It is a useful exam especially if you’re traveling to one of the English-speaking countries in the world. Once you have determined your level, you may also want to keep learning and mastering your English.

If the test is required in one of the schools you’re planning to apply, you must prepare for it well so that you will have good scores. On the other hand, you may also want to check for the school’s requirements, if they allow for a PET waiver or MCAT waiver, form and you qualify for it. Nevertheless, you may want to practice with free exams available online to prepare for it.

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