What to Know about the Exam and SAT Waiver

The SAT waiver must be a compelling letter expressing your intention of waiving the SAT scores. However, you cannot apply for the waiver if you don’t qualify based on the set waiver SAT requirements.

Before considering applying for a waiver though, you should know that the SAT is a required standardized exam for many programs. For a guide to its content, duration, and structure or to know what is IELTS keep reading.

What Is SAT?

It is a standardized exam, which measures your mathematical and verbal abilities, especially if you’re applying for college. This exam is usually taken during high school’s junior or senior year. It is available on annual testing dates, usually seven of them, in more than one hundred testing centers worldwide and in the USA. In its 2016 version, there are two required sections, the Math and the Reading and Writing section (evidence-based). There is also the essay section. Expanded scoring was one of the features of the 2016 exam. Candidates will receive composite scores between 400 and 1600.

Content and Structure

  • The evidence-based writing and reading section includes 52 questions and taken within 65 minutes.
  • Writing and language exam is taken within 35 minutes and has 44 questions.
  • The math section is taken within 25 minutes and has 20 questions.  The use of a calculator isn’t allowed.
  • The total number of minutes to take the test is 230, with a total of 154 questions.
  • There is also the essay optional task that is taken within 50 minutes and is composed of only one task.
  • The new SAT format last for three hours and 50 minutes, not including the breaks Candidates are given two breaks, a five-minute break, and a 10-minute break, during the exam.
  • This SAT exam is composed of an optional essay and two sections. Remember that the two sections are math and evidence-based reading and writing.

guide on sat waiver to follow

What to Remember

If you want to apply for SAT, you should know of certain things to remember so that you can set your expectations right from the start:

  • The evidence-based reading and writing are made up of two exams, the writing and language test and a reading test. On the other hand, the math exam is made up of two sections wherein you are not allowed to use a calculator in one section and then allowed in another.
  • The exam sections and tests’ sequence may vary. Candidates must answer the exam section in the manner that they appear and within the allotted time. Remember that you cannot return to any missed questions when the time is over for that allotted section. Plus, you cannot move on to the next section or part of the test before its time is called, even if you finished the preceding sections earlier.
  • SAT waivers may be allowed in the university program. However, you should check for the qualifications before proceeding with the writing of the SAT waiver.
  • The cross-test scores will measure your performance on specific analytical abilities, which are assessed in the sections. On the other hand, the essays will be scored separately by two readers. The scores on those essays will not affect the other areas of scoring of the SAT exam.

Refer to this guide if you’re applying for SAT and then later looking to waive the test scores using the waiver letter form, LSAT waiver or waiver letter to submit along with other application documents.

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