What to Know about the LSAT Waiver and Test

The LSAT waiver is for admissions applicants looking to waive their LSAT test scores. But for those who will take the exam especially for courses or programs requiring the scores, they need to know its content and structure so that they can better prepare for it. See the following guide and read on the key information to know about the test and LSAT waiver letter writing.

What Is LSAT?

You will need the LSAT before applying to a program that requires the test scores of the exam. It is composed of four sets of multiple-choice sections wherein one section is unscored, and an unscored multiple-choice question.

Duration: Students are given 35 minutes for each section. There is also a 10-minute break between the multiple-choice sections, 3rd, and 4th, of the exam. The facilitator will give a warning when only five minutes are left before every section’s end. However, students are not allowed to using a scratch paper.
guide to know what is lsat

Structure and Content

Before you could apply and submit the LSAT waiver letter, know the content and structure of the exam if you must take it first and apply to waive the scores later. There are four scored test sections, and here they are.

Logical Reasoning (Two Sections)

In these parts, you should read and understand a paragraph, and then answer questions related to it. For example, you should determine the main idea of the passage, find a choice answer that weakens the argument or look for an answer, which must be true based on the answer to the paragraph. On the other hand, you may also have to look for an assumption presented in the passage.

  • 35 minutes for every section
  • 25-26 questions

Reading Comprehension (1 Section)

This part of the exam has four long passages of up to 600 words. There will also be up to seven questions for each of them. Test takers must identify the main idea and draw inferences according to the content. Once you finished the exam, have the scores, but wish to waive your scores, you need to check out the LSAT examples for an idea on how to write it.

  • Duration: 35 minutes
  • 26-28 questions

Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)

With a LSAT writing sample, students get a glimpse of the content of the waiver for the LSAT exam. However, if you should take the exam, this part is also included. There are four games involved, and each comes with up to seven questions. You should identify what is true and what is false based on the game rules given.

Overall, the LSAT has 99-101 scored multiple-choice questions that students should answer. You won’t be given a penalty if you guessed answers on the exam, even if it’s a blind guess. Between 120 and 180 is the scaled score for the exam. There are also unscored sections of the test as well as a dummy section (in which you will not be scored). It is used in testing future questions. The dummy part of the exam can be a logic games section, a reading comprehension section or a logical reasoning section.

Unscored Writing Section

Here, you will be given a scenario and two choices, and then you must write an essay about your choice. It is arguing your choice over the other. This exam is handwritten.

  • Duration: 35 minutes

Now, if you need to write the LSAT waiver later or GRE waiver letter, worry not because expert writers can help. Nevertheless, try your best and do well in the LSAT.

Do your best and score high in the LSAT. Get help for the LSAT waiver guide today!